Tuesday, May 19, 2009

re:Spectacle Are Currently In Darfur For The Festival Season

Back soon...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

re:Port - Breaking News: G20 Summit Postponed Following ANOTHER Cancellation

Reports in the press that tomorrow's G20 summit is to be postponed following multiple sudden cancellations were this afternoon confirmed by a G20 spokesperson. The summit, held annually for the world's 20 biggest and most renowned Gs, has been shrouded in yet further controversy following confirmation of another cancellation.

(OG Big "Dogg" McGraw)

In the last few hours it has been confirmed that OG Big "Dogg" McGraw has pulled out of the event scheduled to take place in London on Thursday 2nd of April. Citing reasons of "thuggin'" and "hustlin'", McGraw flew back to his native Compton this morning where he is to urgently resume the game.

His withdrawal comes hot on the heels of Tony "T-Bomb" Juarez's controversial expunction last week following the highly publicised dispute over crack import regulation with Don Emilio "Four Fingers and a Thumb" De La Grotte. Sources close to De La Grotte allege that Juarez refused to soften his position regarding item 3.2 on the agenda - the right to freely import crack. Juarez is a well know staunch advocate of laissez-faire who argues that less regulations and market restrictions would improve the global flow of crack in these times of economic uncertainty.

The ideological clash with De La Grotte, himself something of a crack game legend, has been a dark stormcloud brewing on the gangsta-political horizon ever since Don Emilio was named as Chairman of iCrack, the International crack trade regulatory watchdog.

With the spotlight of the world's media pointed squarely in the face of the G20 alliance, the big question is where this leaves the remaining 18 Gs currently on location in London. The international instability caused by the cancellations and the chaotic aftermath has led many commentators to brand the summit as "a public relations exercise with no discernible affect on everyday Thug Life".

Rumours that C-Boy, the successful krunk-hop star, was due to fill Juarez's place were widely ridiculed with one board level G, who refused to be named, openly questioning his "hoodtegrity".

re:Spectacle will continue to bring you the latest news on this story as it develops.

Philliustrious Schofield

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(No. 999,978)
Top 100 Eggs In One Basket

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Countdown: The Top One Million 'Top 100s' (Of All Time)

(No. 999,979)
Top 100 Gay Homophobes

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Monday, March 30, 2009

re:Port - Guantanamo Bay to Become Holiday Resort

Guantanamo Bay has been purchased by Richard Branson, who has plans to turn it into the world’s première holiday resort.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity,” explained the squirrel-faced entrepreneur, “it’s already a world-famous brand, located in secluded hotspot with a private beach and fantastic weather - it practically markets itself.”

As part of a deal with the U.S. government, prisoners still awaiting trial when the resort opens will be offered reduced sentences in exchange for serving martinis, taking aerobics classes and giving massages.

A number of the original cells will be kept underground for staff caught swearing or planning terrorist attacks on western nations. Terrorist attacks on other nations are likely to be encouraged, although this has been denied.

Reports that Branson has further plans to open a number of five-star ‘Ausch-Villas’ on the site of Auschwitz are as yet unconfirmed.

Bling Crobsy

One Second Interview - Lizo Mzimba

re:Spectacle: Hi, how are you doing?

Lizo: I'm alright

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

re:Live - WINNING, For Losers

Let’s face it: you’re pretty sh*t aren’t you?

Every single day it’s the same.

If you’re not weeping into a pot noodle then you’re trying to pretend that your dad’s sperm wouldn’t have been better used as glue.

If you’re not cutting corners then you’re trying desperately to cut your limp, lifeless wrists.

But you can’t even do that right, can you?

No, obviously not, because you’re reading this now. Freak.

But hang on!

Sit yourself down, dry your eyes and put a thoroughly undeserved smile on your irresponsibly repulsive face for just one second.

As we all know, life is about WINNING. And you’re only WINNING when you’re regularly setting fire to more cash than Africa needs and having sex with A-List celebs coz there’s f*ck all on Sky.

I know, I know - you are not even close to achieving either of these things. But don’t head for the pot noodle just yet.

re:Spectacle is here to offer the kind of advice that you just cant get from any of those other, slightly less repulsive freaks you want to believe are your ‘friends’.

If you want to start out on the long road to WINNING, then we strongly suggest you follow our lead as closely as you can.

Tune back in later this week to see Step 1 and who knows?

You might even develop enough strength in those wrists to finish the job properly.

Bling Crosby

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Top 100 Insignificant 'Star Trek' Character Deaths

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

re:Port - Public Outrage at Leaked Puppet Redundancy Proposal

There was widespread anger across the country yesterday after a Government memo detailing plans to make large scale redundancies in the suffering puppet sector was leaked to a national news agency.

The source of the leak has apparently been identified as Lord Peter Mandelson, Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. "Mandy", as he is affectionately known, had accidentally dropped the memo on Hampstead Heath as he enjoyed a "practice" late-night dogwalk without his dog.

The news of the redundancy proposal closely follows the recent taxpayer-funded bail out of both Punch and Judy. Since the controversial Punch refinancing plans were made public, puppets' shareprices have nosedived and rumours abound within the city that struggling Sooty will be next.

Affected puppets, who have been widely condemned for their role in the economic collapse, will discover their fate over the next few days and all are likely to receive pensions similar in size to the former RBS boss Fred “Shredder, Leader of the Footclan” Goodwin.

The outpouring of public resentment towards the proposal comes at a bad time for the government who are desperately trying to convince a sceptical nation that they are tackling the global recession and rapid rise in unemployment through prudent investment.

In the memo, addressed to Chancellor Alistair Darling, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith writes “The reckless gambling on risk based performance by these guardians of the economy has unquestionably, and quite possibly irreparably, damaged national fiscal confidence. Time to string up these f*ckers proper.”

The aggressive tone of the memo has been criticised by a spokespuppet for PAPES (Puppet Association for Prevention of Extremist Solutions), “Politicians such as Jacqui Smith and Alastair Darling should consider their own roles in the recession before pointing their fingers up puppets, the majority of whom have acted responsibly throughout this uniquely challenging period. As a group we will continue to perform in these harrowing conditions and the show, most certainly, will go on."

Sooty and Soo were both unavailable for commment at the time of going to press, though Sweep was spotted in the Cayman Islands as he boarded his 90ft yacht "Mo Money, Mo B*tches". He insisted, "Sooty, Soo and I have always and will continue to conduct ourselves in an appropriate and entirely legal manner. His [Sooty's] balance sheet is in perfect order. Don't you vultures have anything more important to report on - how's Jade f***ing Goody doing?".

Phillustrious Schofield

Countdown: The Top One Million 'Top 100s' (Of All Time)

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Top 100 Completely Forgotten Somethingorothers

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Cathys Through Time - Part 2. Cathy Moriarty

Blonde hair love, yeah? Two arms AND two legs, yeah? Eyes, nose, mouth and that, yeah?


…is what you might think on first glance of this here human. But Cathy Moriarty has not only been in nuff films, but one you’ll only have bloody seen. Raging Bull, int it? You know, that one with the people doing the things and the there’s that plot and it’s all based around that one guy who looks just like himself.

And get this hit of high-grade mind-bumming…

She were only in f**king neighbours and all!

But yeah, two arms AND two legs. Boring…


Legs – 2

Arms – 2

Famous Films – 1

Neighbours – Become Good Friends

Jon Bon Jovial

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Top 100 Wives Of Solomon

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